Adeko - A Unique Bed for Your Little Angel

Adeko is a renowned manufacturer of modern children's beds, characterized by a unique and fashionable style. Our exceptional products have gained recognition across Europe, as each bed is the result of our designers' creativity and the entire team's commitment, paying attention to every detail at all production stages.

We believe a child's room doesn't have to be boring, and a bed is more than just a place to sleep. Adeko products not only ensure a healthy and comfortable sleep for your little rascals but also create a special atmosphere during the day, delighting the eyes for many years. The pine wood used not only guarantees durability but also allows for versatile color matching with accessories and other room elements.

Drewniane łóżka dla dzieci

Adeko - Sleep Comfort and Unique Style

Located in Ruda Śląska, our Adeko carpentry shop delivers its products to every corner of Europe. The maximum waiting time for an ordered bed is only 15 working days from the date of order. Aiming to meet our customers' expectations, we strive to ensure our furniture is always of the highest quality, delivered as quickly as possible, and lasts for many years. We invite you to explore our offer!

Discover the future of comfort and style for our little ones with us!

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Drewniane łóżka dla dzieci



Thriving on a Grand Scale

Dynamic sales growth requires us to face new challenges. We are entering the construction phase of an even larger plant along with an office building, planning for completion in September 2024.

Drewniane łóżka dla dzieci

More Than 100,000 Reasons to Be Proud

We cross an impressive production threshold, delivering more than 100,000 children's beds to homes around the world.

Drewniane łóżka dla dzieci

A New Chapter

The construction of the production facility is a catalyst for further growth and the expansion of our offer with more attractive bed models.

Adeko Planty Kowalskiego 5

The Beginning of Market Conquest

We enter the EU and UK markets with the start of production and sales of our innovative children's beds.

Łóżka dziecięce UE

A Unique Idea

We were the first in Poland to introduce the idea of children's beds in the shape of charming houses, heralding an era of entirely new design.

Łóżka dziecięce domek