FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) – collections of frequently asked questions and answers to them, intended to provide assistance to a given website user without the need to involve anyone else.

How long do you have to wait for delivery?

The lead time is up to 14 working days + delivery time.

Can an order be cancelled?

You may cancel your order, in which case please contact biuro@adeko.kids as soon as possible.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs can be checked on the page: Delivery and Payment

My bed arrived damaged, what should I do?

Above all, do not assemble a bed with damaged parts. If this is the case, please take detailed photos of the damaged parts and send a message to: reklamacje@adeko.kids. Please also prepare the symbols of the parts that are damaged using the instructions that are available on our website https://manuals.pl.

Which courier will deliver the bed?

We ship our beds by UPS and GLS couriers. If the tracking number starts with 1Z727FX3 - UPS courier. If the tracking number has only numbers - GLS courier.

Which mattress to choose for my bed?

The mattress for our cots should not be thicker than 14 cm. The dimension of the mattress is exactly the same as the size of the bed, i.e., 80x160 = 80x160. When choosing a mattress for a sleeping drawer, choose a mattress that is 10 cm shorter, i.e., bed 80x160 = mattress 80x150.

What is the maximum load on the bed?

Our beds have a maximum load capacity of 90 kg. In bunk beds, the upper level has a maximum load of 60 kg.

Can the order be changed?

Changes to the order can be made until the bed is sent to production. This should be done as soon as possible by writing to: biuro@adeko.kids.

Do I get a mattress with the bed?

The mattress is not included with the bed, it can be purchased from our website.

Can the railings be dismantled?

Yes, you can only remove the front railing, the one that is halfway up the bed, but be aware of the holes in the legs that will be visible.

Can I fit a ladder on the other side of a bunk bed?

Yes, the ladder mounting side is chosen by the customer when assembling the bed. However, this only applies to beds DMP, DMPA, DMPB, DMPBA, CLP, CLPA, CLPB, CLPBA. In MUNDO and SIMBA beds, the entry side must be selected from the options when placing the order and cannot be changed later.

How long will the bed last?

The lifespan of a bed is a very individual issue for which there is no specific answer. It all depends on how the bed will be used, whether it will just be a place to sleep or also to play. It also depends on the size of bed the customer chooses for their child. Children grow up very quickly and we cannot say how long a bed will last.

Will I receive an invoice for my purchase?

Yes, there is an invoice option to choose from in our shop, which must be ticked when entering the delivery address.

Can the BOX 4 bed be assembled in mirror image?

Yes, the mounting side is chosen when assembling the bed.